Blue Mountains Route Clearance Project

Awarded by TfNSW to the Continuum Alliance is a very complex brown project. With the new inner city fleet of trains scheduled to be running in 2020 means modifications are needed along the rail corridor from west of Springwood Station to Lithgow Station. This will also include minor modifications to the Ten Tunnels Deviation between Newnes Junction Station and Zig Zag Station. These changes will accommodate new and existing trains and enable the new trains to service customers through to Lithgow.

Anric have been engaged for a number of different works from OHWS installation, track slews, rail adjustments and Kinetic envelop clearance issues. This project has presented some of the most difficult access restraints in all of the Sydney Trains network with often limited to zero phone reception. The Anric team have played an integral role in the methodology development and long term planning of the works.

Areas of heritage sensitivity that had to remain untouched while performing difficult to reach rock grinding works with LPS positioning around them displayed Anric’s ability to execute highly skilled methodical practices to complete scopes on this project within significantly sensitive areas.

There was no room for error on the BMRC Route clearance project and therefore required months of meticulous planning and the implementation of our highly capable Anric team working tirelessly around the clock on the six twelve day closedowns with one track handed back each night.

With very restricted access the protection of plant operating zones “POZ”  is Paramount. Continuum Alliance took this challenge to the the Anric team and among many ideas that where implemented one stood out and worked very well in the darkness of the tunnels. A system from Europe that uses high power colour light focused into a beam that then gives personnel a visual reminder that they are entering the POZ.

BMRC blue light IMG_9552