Glenfield Interchange


As we know cities are the engine of economic growth and infrastructure development is the fuel for that engine. The Glenfield Transport Interchange is a NSW Government initiative responding directly to the growing infrastructure needs of south-west Sydney. We at Anric Rail have been fortunate enough to be part of a process which aims at improving public transport and in turn connectivity across major city centres in and around Sydney.

Our services have included the supplying of specialised rail plant and equipment in order to perform the following works ;

  • upgrade of the existing Glenfield Station and bus/rail interchange
  • Installation of new and renewal of existing turnouts
  • Removal of redundant track
  • Upgrade of track drainage
  • Replacement of overhead wiring and related structures
  • Upgrade of signalling, communications and control systems and new high voltage works to support the new signalling system
  • Construction of Glenfield North and Glenfield South rail flyovers