Gosford Passing Loops


Among many tasks associated with the Gosford Passing Loops project, Anric Rail recently completed the drilling of the foundation for the last OHW structure for Laing O’Rourke. The project did include some difficulties that the Anric Rail team were determined to overcome.

The foundation required a 1200 mm diameter board pile, with obstacles such as a footpath, handrail, drainage services and electrical cabling, where only road-rail equipment could be used. The closest access gate was from the city side of Gosford stabling yard 800m away, where the only means of access was via rail. Our road-rail excavator, the Hitachi 135RR Rail Bug, was the perfect solution for these conditions.

With only 4 hour midday possessions, our Rail Bug was able to travel to and from the work site in a timely manner, allowing for more production time. Additionally, the Rail Bugs high powered 40,000Nm drill motor and special rock augers enabled us to drill a 4m deep foundation in class r2 sandstone in a short 3 hours of drilling time. To stop undermining the footpath and drainage, the Rail Bug installed a 2m deep casing.

Anric Rail can supply multiple size augers and aggressive rock augers, which coupled together with our high powered drill motors can make light work of your foundation needs, with the ability to drill in Hi-rail mode on rail as well as ground. For more information, please contact our office on 02 9620 1520.