NSRU Alliance


North Strathfield Rail Underpass

Anric Rail has been the sole supplier of road rail Excavators and Dumpers at the PWI award winning North Strathfield Rail Underpass Alliance, know as NSRU. The projects limited track possessions and difficult access to the rail corridor, posed some complicated logistical issues. The possessions also fell on one of the busiest weekends of the year, where the rail line was shut for programmed works form Newcastle to Strathfield, resulting in limited resources.

With very well planned works and the assistance of some of Anric Rails advanced equipment, the team at NSRU were able to complete the project ahead of time and on budget.

Anric Rail was able to provide a new and advanced transport system on rail. This immensely benefited the NSRU team as our machines made light work for delivering and removing materials and equipment in and out of the rail underpass.

For more details on Anric Rails Hi-rail excavators and purpose built hi-rail trailers, please contact us on 02 9620 1520.