Woolloomooloo Viaduct



Anric Rail providing efficiency to the rail industry

Anric Rail has just built and tested our new light weight hi rail trailers which are compliant and very versatile.   The main advancement is the ability to pick and carry the trailer with the host machine. Most other trailers on the market are over the safe work load of the towing hi rail excavator, thus needing assistance from other machinery. anric hi rail excavator The Wooloomooloo viaduct poses difficulties associated with working on direct fixed track. This new system allowed our client to speed up the process of replacing the half block timber sleepers with the new Fibre Formed Urethane (FFU) half sleepers. Our ability to carry tools and equipment with the hi rail excavator on the low flat bed trailers meant it was fast, simple and a safer way to work! We have eliminated the hazard of working at heights, whereby people would have to climb up on top of a hi rail flatbed truck. Additionally, our hi rail trailer provides a huge cost saving as a hi rail truck is not needed. This system also stopped congestion within the worksite allowing our two hi rail excavators and trailers free access back and forth to pick up and drop off at the access ramp down at the Domain Art Gallery.